Longleaf Golf & Family Club


ARCHITECT// Dan Maples & Bill Bergin (redesign)

Longleaf Golf & Family Club combines the best of a classic Dan Maples design with the innovative and detail oriented renovations of well-respected architect Bill Bergin – to create one of the most enjoyable, aesthetic and best conditioned values in all of the Carolinas. The birthplace of the famed Longleaf Tee System, the course provides an easy to use method of ensuring players optimize their experience by playing from one of seven tees that best corresponds to their abilities. With newly installed MiniVerde greens, the layout offers outstanding conditions along with all the challenge and scoring opportunities any great golf course should offer. This hidden gem is certain to be a big hit among players with an expectation of excellence and fun!

Blue: 3269 Yards / 58.5 Rating / 91 Slope
White: 3844 Yards / 60.1 Rating / 97 Slope
Green: 4447 Yards / 61.9 Rating / 99 Slope
Orange: 4981 Yards / 64.2 Rating / 108 Slope
Yellow: 5549 Yards / 66.9 Rating / 117 Slope
Purple: 6162 Yards / 69.8 Rating / 127 Slope
Red: 6709 Yards / 70.7 Rating / 130 Slope

10 Knoll Road, Southern Pines, NC 28387